Technically Private

Who are we?

Technically Private is a inter-university group of graduate students who meet and discuss privacy and security topics.

There is a clear need for research, engineering, and policy in the space of “Public Interest Technology”, and in particular individuals who are able to bridge the gap between these different domains. However, despite being able to name the problem, there’s a huge lack of talent-pipelines and communities to address these gaps. Technically Private aims to build academic community support for technical problems that intersect social dilemmas, particularly surrounding issues of privacy and security. We have a range of different kinds of people, from cryptographers and ML researchers, to policy researchers, and law students.

In what ways does this group exist

During the academic year we try to meet once a week or once every two weeks. There’s also a google group and a signal group chat.

Getting Involved

If you’d like to join, join our google group here.

Interdisciplinary groups like MD4SG have emerged to foster collaborations across disciplines and build research and practice pipelines.